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Little Learners
Located at HRVHS, Little Learners Preschool program is for children ages 3-5 years and is a great introduction into a school setting. Through the use of directed and independent play, your child will be learning problem-solving and creative thinking skills that are critical to all aspects of their development. Under the direction of Angela Klein, academics are introduced but never forced. Our program introduces a letter a week and our themes revolve around the new letter. Through stories, singing, games, counting, beginning Spanish, cooking and science, each child will get the opportunity to expand their imagination and develop lasting friendships. While keeping the entire child’s development in mind, activities are prepared that promote fine motor, cognitive, social/emotional, gross motor, pre-writing and language skills. These skills and goals are tailored to fit each individual child needs. These preschool classes are available: MONDAY-FRIDAY 9am-12noon $275 MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY 9am -12 noon $175 TUESDAY/THURSDAY 9am – 12 noon $130 EXTENDED CARE IS ALSO AVAILABLE 7:15am-4:30pm daily *see Angela for details Choose from 2, 3, or 5 days a week. Open enrollment throughout the year. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL ANGELA KLEIN (PRESCHOOL TEACHER) AT 541-387-5723.
Mid Valley
The Mid Valley Preschool for children ages 3-5 years old has been developed as a bilingual program. This is a great introduction into a school setting and allows children to learn English and Spanish. The core of our programs include, English and Spanish Languages, Conflict Resolution, Science, Stories, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Building Friendships, Cooking and Games. Through the use of stories, music, imaginative play, social games and arts and crafts, children will learn a variety of skills that will prepare them for school. By using directed and independent play, your child will be learning problem-solving and creative thinking skills that are critical to all aspects of their development.Through parent and teacher contact, activities which are of great interest to each child , are planned and made available. Our goals will focus on developing gross/fine motor skills, reading, writing and art. Opportunities will be given to each child for creativity with dramatic play (dress up), and painting. Academics are introduced but never forced, allowing each child a structured but fun experience. Although the child is encouraged to try their best, the goal is to always encourage a positive self-image. Holidays will be observed and enjoyed through a wide range of exciting activities. The children will also participate in daily outdoor activities (weather permitting). Each child will enjoy a great variety of healthy snacks that may even be prepared themselves as part of their activity. Please contact Jovita.Robledo at 541-387-5722 with questions or to enroll